Keep Animals Out of Hot Cars!

Humane PA

Blog by Elissa Katz, Humane PA President

I love warm, sunny days! Who doesn’t – right? Nothing feels better than closing your eyes and turning your face toward the sun, feeling the warmth on your skin. That is, unless you’re a dog or cat locked in a sun 3

We have all read of so many tragedies during so many earlier summers. Dogs and cats suffering horrendously from heat stress – seizures, vomiting, disorientation, brain damage, and even death – as a result of being locked in a car, even for a short period of time – while their person thoughtlessly runs an errand, visits with someone, or is otherwise engaged. On a warm and sunny day, the temperature inside of a car can exceed 100 degrees in a matter of minutes. And on a hot day, when we are wiping our brows and carrying water bottles in 90 degree…

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