Bear cub found in Home Depot parking lot | WPMT FOX43


PATTON TWP., CENTRE COUNTY, PA- A three month old female bear cub was found wandering a parking lot of a Home Depot near State College on Sunday.

Local police initially brought the cub to Centre Wildlife Care, which turned the bear over to the PA Game Commission Monday morning.

The bear is believed to have been separated from her mother because the mama bear was moving her babies near a busy road.

The 5 pound cub was found in good health and the Game Commission was able to place it with a surrogate litter within two hours of picking her up.

A radio collared mother that already had two cubs was located in Clinton County, and the last report from the Game Commission was that the family accepted the cub.

Centre Wildlife Care told us that there was no way to track the bear’s biological family, and it was important to place the bear back in the wild with a bear family as soon as possible.

If you ever spot a bear that needs help, please contact the PA Game Commission or police for assistance.

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