Breaking News: Whipping Hurts; Whipping Racehorses Is Animal Cruelty

Horseracing Wrongs

“Last year more than 100,000 people attended the Melbourne Cup, with more than 3 million watching the race on TV in Australia alone. This would have to make whipping in horse-racing the most public form of violence to animals in Australia today, but most people don’t seem to notice it. …most appear blithely unaware that they are actually watching horses being whipped … and hard.” (Dr. Paul McGreevy)

As advocates, it can be easy to get lost in any number of Horseracing’s sordid aspects: 2-year-olds, drugging/doping, corrupt “connections,” negligent vets, claiming races, etc. But for me, focus should be trained on two above all:

First and foremost, Horseracing kills horses – lots of them, every day.

Second, the horserace itself exists, can only exist, through brute force – the primary instrument of which is a whip. A whip. On this, Racing’s age-old lie (painless “guide”) has conditioned otherwise decent…

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2 comments on “Breaking News: Whipping Hurts; Whipping Racehorses Is Animal Cruelty

  1. Thanks for the excellent posting. Hopefully, it will open the eyes of people who support this industry via bets.
    Racehorses are being whipped, maimed, dumped, and killed for $2 bets.
    Please don’t support this.

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