Grandmother Refuses Unconstitutional DUI Checkpoint

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Brave grandmother refuses unconstitutional DUI checkpoint


A recently uploaded YouTube video shows a brave grandmother filming herself standing up to cops in California by refusing to “show her papers” at an unconstitutional DUI checkpoint. 

Sobriety checkpoints (otherwise known as DUI checkpoints) are popping up throughout America and are used by police to examine passing motorists by detaining them for a brief period.

A roadblock stop is quick, but it gives police a chance to check tags and licenses, while also giving officers a quick whiff of the driver’s breath and a chance to peer into the vehicle for a moment.

Remember that your constitutional rights still apply in a roadblock situation. Though police are permitted to stop you briefly, they may not search you or your car unless they have probable cause that you’re under the influence or you agree to the search. As such, you are not required to answer their questions or…

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