Canned Hunting In Texas

2 comments on “Canned Hunting In Texas

  1. I still don’t understand hunting except for people who are starving-poor and even then there are nuts and berries (and cheese and eggs though I know some readers don’t believe in these). I certainly don’t understand canned hunting. What’s more I’m glad I don’t understand hunting. They are disturbing property owners too, I’ve read. I tend to be wary to walk in the woods without hunter orange. How about sitting or standing and just watching the animals? I’m always excited just to see deer and other wild animals.

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    • I agree, I love seeing animals in their natural habitat, and there are so many options to eat. It takes a very cold-hearted person to pick up a weapon and kill, because it certainly does not take any intelligence or talent and canned hunting is definitely for the rich arrogant slobs!!!!

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