petition: Mariah Carey: Don’t Traumatize Baby Elephants and White Tigers for Your Dream Wedding


Divers shocked to find animals trapped in cages underwater (Indonesia)

The ocean update

dugong-cage-2March 15th, 2016 (Stephen Messenger). A group of divers made a disturbing discovery last week while exploring near the remote island of Kokoya, in Indonesia.

There, trapped inside cages on the shallow ocean floor, were two dugongs —rare marine mammals closely related to manatees.

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Petition · Brent Laubaugh: Aldi- Stop Wrapping Produce in Plastic! ·



Petition · Enact Legislation Outlawing Ivory and Rhino Horn Trade in Massachusetts ·


petition: Urge the Indian Forest Department to Take Action on Elephant Torture!


Petition · All Samsung/LG Retailers: Help Stop Heinous Butchering of Dogs in S. Korea-Boycott Samsung & LG! ·


Petition · Stop Killing Mountain Lions ·


petition: Demand protection for endangered koalas at Black Rocks, Pottsville NSW, Australia


Justice for Dog Allegedly Shot by Police


A friendly dog was reportedly shot by police as he walked out the doorway of their home. Demand the dog and his owner receive justice and that the police officer’s actions are investigated and punished accordingly.

Source: Justice for Dog Allegedly Shot by Police

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Dogs Allegedly Bred in Horrible Conditions Deserve Justice




Dogs were allegedly bred in a small apartment laden with fecal matter and rats before being sold to unsuspecting citizens. Demand the person responsible be given a harsh legal sentence for committing this deplorable crime.

Source: Dogs Allegedly Bred in Horrible Conditions Deserve Justice

Shut Down Abusive Roadside Zoo

A inhumane roadside zoo had its license automatically renewed despite numerous animal welfare violations. Sign this petition to demand that violators of the Animal Welfare Act stop receiving automatic license renewals in order to prevent abusive zoos from committing even more acts of animal cruelty.

Source: Shut Down Abusive Roadside Zoo

Dog Repeatedly Dropped on its Head Until it Died Deserves Justice

A dog was picked up by its hind legs and dropped repeatedly until it died, according to police. The dog killer who committed this heinous crime deserves the most severe penalty possible. Sign this petition to demand he be brought to justice and never allowed to own animals again.

Source: Dog Repeatedly Dropped on its Head Until it Died Deserves Justice

Find Man Who Raped and Brutally Hung Pit Bull From Tree

A pit bull was found hanging dead from a tree after she was brutally raped. Demand that authorities use all means to capture this person(s) and once caught, pursue the maximum possible sentence.

Source: Find Man Who Raped and Brutally Hung Pit Bull From Tree

Protect Turtles From Over-Harvesting

Turtles are at risk of dying out in Iowa due to over-harvesting during their breeding and nesting months. The state’s governor is refusing to sign a new bill that will grant them new protections and regulate commercial and sport trapping. Sign this petition to demand that he acknowledge the threat of over-harvesting and sign the bill.

Source: Protect Turtles From Over-Harvesting

Stop Hunting Captive Lions for Sport

Approximately 200 ranches exist in South Africa for the sole purpose of captive lion hunting. Trophy hunters come in and pay up to $50,000 for the chance to murder a caged lion. Sign to urge the shutdown of these loathsome facilities.

Source: Stop Hunting Captive Lions for Sport

Help End All Imports or Exports of Dolphins Across U.S. Borders


Help Protect the Rusty-Patched Bumblebee


Tell the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to Protect Endangered Species


Petition · Stop Animal Torture for Human Pleasure! ·



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