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We can all agree that water is a pretty important resource but as we go through our day brushing our teeth, cleaning dishes, washing clothes and taking long showers, it’s easy to take our accessibility to clean water for granted.Kauai_WaipiliStreamFinal

To raise awareness every March, organizations around the world celebrate World Water Month and the Surfrider Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting the Worlds oceans and 100% of its coastline, is asking citizens across the country to join them in their Every Drop Counts campaign. To join the campaign they ask you to pledge to skip the shower on World Water Day, March 22. A ten-minute shower could waste more than 40 gallons of water. If 25,000 people take the pledge, nearly one million gallons of water will be conserved.EDC-Social-Tip-05

“We all recognize the importance of water, but it’s easy to forget the impact our daily use has…

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petition: Arizona: Don’t Support Puppy Mills


petition: Save Russian Orcas From Being Captured and Put on Display, Russian Federation


The Story of a REAL Superman!

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Scott Feldstein Photo Credit: Scott Feldstein via CC Flickr

We all love super heroes. When most of us were growing up, we always had a role model, someone we looked up to, or a super hero that we wanted to be when we grew up. It was fun thinking (and sometimes still do) about the awesomeness of having the super power to fly, leap higher than the tallest building, run faster than lightning, become bulletproof, and a host of other things.

Sometimes, unbeknownst to us, there are sometimes REAL super heroes in our midst…and we have no idea who they are! Such is the case of today’s story of a person that was a super hero despite of the “evil” said by others.

I am sure that today’s short story will touch your heart in a special way and, maybe, bring a tear to your eye…but it is a story and a…

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Praise Rescue of Dog Abused by Adopter

The Humane Society recently rescued a dog from its second abusive home. Praise the organization for their continued dedication to the pets in its community.

Source: Praise Rescue of Dog Abused by Adopter

Turn Guantanamo Bay into Animal Conservation Facility

Using Guantanamo Bay for a good cause could help redeem its terrible reputation, bring countries together and allow scientists to learn more about sea life. Please urge President Obama to support using Guantanamo Bay as an international marine research facility.

Source: Turn Guantanamo Bay into Animal Conservation Facility

Neglected Elephant Deserves New Home

An elephant is allegedly being kept inside an enclosure by herself and is forced to give people rides on a daily basis. Demand this zoo be required to close its doors and that this elephant and all other animals there be immediately placed in reputable zoos or sanctuaries.

Source: Neglected Elephant Deserves New Home

Stop Potentially Hazardous Pipeline

The Dakota Access pipeline’s construction poses many risks to all who live near its proposed path, including environmental and economic damage. Urge officials to immediately stop this intrusive pipeline.

Source: Stop Potentially Hazardous Pipeline

Stop Big Oil From Drilling in the Arctic Ocean

President Obama is going to allow offshore oil drilling in the Arctic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. This is horrible news for anyone who cares about the future of our planet. Urge President Obama to withdraw this plan and stop selling our environment to Big Oil.

Source: Stop Big Oil From Drilling in the Arctic Ocean