Make Animal Cruelty a Felony in Ohio

Ohio plans to make animal cruelty a fifth-degree felony. Support the plan, which will ensure that animal abusers are properly punished.

Source: Make Animal Cruelty a Felony in Ohio

Success: Owner of Illegal Slaughter House Pleads Guilty

The owner of an illegal slaughter house pleaded guilty and is banned from working around animals for the rest of his life. Sign the petition to show your support for this big win in the animal rights community.

Source: Success: Owner of Illegal Slaughter House Pleads Guilty

Denounce Sheriff for Calling Most Rape Victims Liars

A county sheriff stated that the majority of rape cases are false in response to a new law in Idaho that requires all rape kits to be tested. His comments reveal his lack of professionalism toward rape cases. Sign to demand that this man be denounced for his gross comments.

Source: Denounce Sheriff for Calling Most Rape Victims Liars

SeaWorld Fans React to the End of Orca Breeding

The nerve of this jerk

Patricia Randolph’s Madravenspeak: End hunting and give half the world back to wildlife

Wisconsin Wildlife Ethic-Vote Our Wildlife



“We fail to label the unnecessary killing of animals as gun violence, and instead we euphemize and romanticize it as ‘sportsmanship.’” ~ Jay Shooster, Huffington Post

Shooster, an animal and human rights advocate, continues on the blog: “But hunting is gun violence. “A bullet ripping through flesh, puncturing arteries, taking a life is violence to matter the victim’s species”.

Killers enjoy killing repeatedly and are enabled by citizen inaction. The suffering is unimaginable. It is baffling why people do not care enough to stop it when our pets have taught us the loving, curious, loyal and healing nature of our brothers and sisters in our animal fraternity.

There has been a lot of concern about lead poisoning of Flint, Michigan, residents. Lead affects wildlife too. Lead shot kills over a million songbirds annually, just in Wisconsin, according to Madison Audubon testimony at a Conservation Congress…

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BLM Offers $10K Reward In Nevada Wild Horse Killing

Tuesday's Horse

(AP) – The Bureau of Land Management is offering a $10,000 reward in the investigation of the killing of a federally protected wild horse at a state prison camp near Carson City in early October.

BLM spokeswoman Jenny Lesieutre said Monday they need the public’s help to find the person or persons responsible for the shooting at Northern Nevada Correctional Center’s Stewart Camp Conservation Center.

The camp is home to about 1,500 BLM horses. They are kept as part of a training program used to gentle and train the animals before adoption.

The crime is punishable by up to a year in prison and a $2,000 fine.

Lesieutre says few details are being released because it is an ongoing investigation in connection with state corrections officials.

Anyone with information should call BLM’s crime hotline at 1-800-521-6501.


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Ugly Animals Are Ignored by Scientists, While the Big-Eyed and Cute Get All the Attention - by F. Kaskais

image edited by Web Investigator 

A new study finds that scientists are just like the rest of us.

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The Effective Animal Advocate

New Report 6 Million Americans Have Lead Tainted Water

Tens Of Thousands Of Tuna Cans Recalled Due To Deadly Bacteria

We Don’t Need a New President – We Need a New System and a New Consciousness

Trump Rallies Reveal Increased Tensions Among Americans As This Nation Plunges Toward Civil Unrest

The Truth is the LIGHT

Trump Rallies Reveal Increased Tensions Among Americans As This Nation Plunges Toward Civil Unrest
Donald Trump Has Close Call in Dayton, Secret Service Steps in to Protect. Video link here:…

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Italian Town To Fine Anyone Who Gives Money To Beggars

Nwo Report

Italian Town To Fine Anyone Who Give Money To BeggarsSource: The Local.It

A town in northern Italy has made it illegal for people to give money to beggars.

The decision was made after residents in the Ligurian coastal town of Bordighera, complained that they were being bothered by local beggars.

Mayor Giacomo Pallanca said it was “pointless” to punish the beggars “who can’t or will never be able to pay” fines, and so the onus will now be on people to stop giving them money.

The mayor ushered the rule in ahead of the tourism season, which usually gets underway over the Easter weekend.

“Since real organizations are often behind this phenomenon, we must eradicate it by discouraging those who offer money,” he told Il Secolo XIX.

“For anyone who is really in a state of destitution, there are social services available.”

Pallanca was unavailable for comment when contacted by The Local.

Similar initiatives have divided debate, but…

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Anonymous Deals First Strike on Trump

What Pisses Me Off About Donald Trump Protests – YouTube