End Cruel Rattlesnake Roundup

The annual rattlesnake roundup in a Texas town is a horror show of blood and death where people behead and skin snakes and can leave snake blood handprints on a wall. Demand this event is redesigned to protect the snakes from cruelty.

Source: End Cruel Rattlesnake Roundup

petition: Save the Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center from Shutting Down!, Arizona


Petition · New Jersey State Senate: Support a Bill to Ban the Sale of Puppy Mill Dogs in New Jersey · Change.org


Trophy Hunting and ‘Conservation’

International Wildlife Bond

Banner: Photo by Hans Stieglitz via Wikimedia Commons

In the past week or so, we have had some horrific numbers on poaching and the trade in trafficked animals parts, but also at the start of the month, the Namibian Cabinet announced via Information Minister, Tjekero Tweya, 3 March 2016, that the Namibian:

Cabinet has approved Namibia’s position to reject calls by some international wildlife sympathisers and activists who have criticised the Namibian government for allowing the intentional hunting of animals such as rhinos” – The Namibian, 4 March 2016

Namibian Cabinet

The idea behind this analysis is to actually look at the financial numbers (currently available) to show how much the Namibian Government directly earns from hunting (excluding general business tax income from hunting operators and hotels etc.). Then, from this direct hunting income, how the Namibian Government distributes the ‘conservation’ funds to help wildlife.

Does that ‘conservation’ income…

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A CRY FOR HELP: Actions against brutal seal-hunts