Ban Bestiality in New Hampshire


Bestiality is still not banned in New Hampshire, as well as in nine other U.S. states. Shockingly, New Hampshire farmers are fighting efforts to prohibit bestiality in their state. Animal rape is inhumane and barbaric and must be banned.

Source: Ban Bestiality in New Hampshire

Justice for Swan Killed by Tourist


A swan died after allegedly being manhandled by a tourist. Demand that the tourist is punished for this irresponsible and cruel act.

Source: Justice for Swan Killed by Tourist

Save Hundreds of Black Bears From Slaughter



Hundreds of innocent black bears can now be killed and hunted after recently losing crucial protections. Demand the reinstatement of measures to protect these imperiled animals from hunters and other threats.

Source: Save Hundreds of Black Bears From Slaughter

Stop Selling Dangerous Dog Bones

Dynamic Pet Products Real Ham Bone has been linked to the deaths of several dogs since last year, yet the product is still stocked by big box retailers like Wal-Mart. Encourage Wal-Mart to take a special interest in the products they carry and remove dangerous pet items from their shelves.

Source: Stop Selling Dangerous Dog Bones

Punish Man Who Allegedly Tortured Possum


A man reportedly filmed himself torturing and killing a trapped possum. Urge law enforcement to seek the maximum penalty for this senseless crime.

Source: Punish Man Who Allegedly Tortured Possum

Punish People Responsible for Satanic Animal Sacrifices

Roosters and goats have been beheaded, chickens mutilated and a puppy tortured and hung from a tree in a spate of recent killings experts suspect are being performed by a satanic cult. Demand a full and urgent investigation into this matter so that the people responsible for these horrific acts are found and severely punished.

Source: Punish People Responsible for Satanic Animal Sacrifices

Justice for Dog Dragged Behind Car



A German Shepherd suffered unimaginable pain and permanent injury from being dragged behind a car. Demand that the person responsible for this cruelty be found and punished to the full extent of the law.

Source: Justice for Dog Dragged Behind Car

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