Todays media and wild horses (entertainment or information?)

Wild Horse Education

brokenarrow_001b The Blue Roan in this picture from Broken Arrow is 7726. 7727 went to kill buyer Tom Davis in a story that broke in 2012 that caused a real stir.

“Mention my name and you will definitely cause a riot,” Leigh

“I know, that is why I am going to mention your name.” Reporter in 2016

At Wild Horse Education (WHE) we work with media representatives in multiple capacities. We provide info and images, roundups and on the range. Yet we also work the media behind the scenes doing research and consulting on projects.

The American media has changed drastically in the last decade. The advent of “internet in every household” created a sharp decline in print media. A lot of jobs were lost. Print media had staff reporters, photographers, pre-press and press. It had distribution. An entire industry needed to evolve. It is still evolving.

Social media has become…

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