Spring into Action

Humane PA

1450169_480048375443193_957679007_nMarch comes in like a lion and leaves like a lamb, the saying goes. Spring has (almost!) arrived, reminding us again of the ever-changing political landscape.  Just this session, a record 36 animal related bills  were introduced in the Pennsylvania State Assembly.

Thankfully, the 2015/16 session started strong when the Animal Fighting Paraphernalia bill passed and was signed into law in September – it has already been put to use cracking down on dog fighters!  Four animal bills immediately passed the Senate as well, and now we need to get that momentum going again. Take this spring season as a chance to participate in the changing political discourse about animals. You can be a part of this tidal wave of change by getting involved:

  1. Contact your legislators.
  2. Schedule an appointment with your district office to discuss the pending animal related bills.
  3. Follow Humane PA PAC on Facebook .
  4. Invite your friends to “like” us.

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