Petition update · A Chewy Update! ·


Hold Pets Plus Inc. and the Hunte Corp. responsible for the animals they sell!
by Jody Reynolds · 56,604 supporters
Petition update
A Chewy Update!
Jody Reynolds
Stafford, VA

Mar 14, 2016 — Chewy is 11 months old today! We celebrated this past weekend by visiting some natural pet supply shops and getting him lots of treats, toys, and clothes! He even met some of you who have been very supportive by signing this petition. Trust me, those folks got lots of “Chewy kisses” (and then some!)
Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to eliminate the bacterial strain that is in his lungs. He still requires Enrofloxacin daily to prevent it from becoming worse. We are still awaiting the test results from Virginia Tech to determine the way forward.
No, Pets Plus Inc. has made no effort to contact us or any attempt to assist with Chewy’s healthcare. Ms. Bonnie Hickey’s attitude has been disappointing to say the least.
Some have asked how they can support Chewy. Forward this petition to your friends and family. Let Pets Plus Inc. know you support Chewy (and any others with this condition). Email, Facebook, and phone calls can be effective. Businesses like this usually listen to their accountant when they won’t listen to their customers. If you are in the area, there are TONS of local, family owned businesses that WANT your business and will cater to you and your pet’s needs. Most important, prayers are always accepted and appreciated.
As always, thank you for the support! – Chewy’s Pawrents
Look for Chewy on Facebook:
Pets Plus Inc Contact Information:
Telephone: (540) 659-6900 Fax: (540) 720-7874
Bonnie Hickey, Owner,
Samantha Serafin, Manager,


Thank You for Your Continued Support for Chewy!!!
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56,604 supporters
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