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Serbia: 30 Shelter Dogs Without Food Now For A Few Days; Some Ready For Adoption. Can You Help Please ?

Serbian Animals Voice (SAV)

Serbian Flag

Donations for food:



Lina’s animal rescue in Coka, Serbia has tried desperately to keep her shelter open despite lack of funding.

There are approx 30 dogs being cared for and they have been without food now for a few days.

FIVE of these dogs are READY FOR TRAVEL to be adopted ( all required testing, vaccines, certificates are completed).

Due to lack of funding and the recent loss of electricity ( and no help in sight) the founder is struggling to find a solution and may end up opening the gates in the hopes that these dogs may have a better chance on the streets.

I have been a dedicated supporter for approx 2 years and have been impressed with the dedication, knowledge, high level of integrity and enormous level of care given to these unfortunate animals.

Is there ANYTHING you can do to help?


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Tell Congress: Protect Wildlife – Not Corporate Interests and Polluters – The Animal Rescue Site



South Africa bans leopard hunt - by F. Kaskais

The leopard is one of five game most desired by hunters along with lion, rhino, buffalo and elephant [Themba Hadebe/AP]

It costs up to $20,000 to shoot a leopard and foreign hunters will be refunded deposits with the cats’ numbers unclear.

South Africa has banned the leopard hunt for the 2016 season – the first time in decades hunters with deep pockets cannot target the so-called “Big 5” game animals in the country.

The temporary ban comes in the wake of a global uproar last year over the killing ofCecil the Lion in Zimbabwe by a US dentist.

The decision to ban the leopard hunt, however, was driven by science, not emotion.

South African Environment Minister Edna Molewa is a vocal advocate of the hunting industry, which the government estimates contributes $410m annually to Africa’s most advanced economy.

The South African National Biodiversity Institute, a government research organisation…

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CIGUDEG pleis bilong tu mi


It was on March 6. 2016, Trisno Utomo is The Promotion and Documentation Officer at Cibodas Botanical Garden, West Java, Indonesia informed me that the Titan is blooming at midnight. This is the moment I had been waiting for long time since I saw the plant bared its bud several months ago. Then I reacted, rush at early morning to witness the world gigantic flower which was just a half of an hour drive from my house.

amorphophallusThe flower has achieved the latest world highest record, measured 3.73 meters high!

amorpho trisnoutomoA day prior to bloom

amorpho dinsDuring top blooming

Amorphophallus titanum known as the titan arum, is a flowering plant with the largest unbranched inflorescence in the world. Due to its odor, which is like the smell of a rotting animal, the titan arum is characterized as a carrion flower, and is also known as the corpse flower, or corpse plant…

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Penguin Travels 5,000 Miles to Hang Out With Rescuer | Care2 Causes

Life or Lunch?

Talk about gratitude.

How far would you swim to reunite with the person who saved your life? For one penguin who found himself in a sticky situation (literally), the answer is approximately 5,000 miles.

Have you heard about the Magellanic Penguin and retired bricklayer in Brazil who have struck up a unique friendship?

Joao Pereira de Souza lives in a fishing village just outside Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In 2011 he found a tiny penguin lying on some rocks at his local beach. The creature was covered in oil and close to death.

Joao cleaned the penguin, nursed him back to health, and named him Dindim. Joao tried releasing the penguin, presumably never to meet again, but Dindim wasn’t ready to leave just yet. Joao recalls, “He stayed with me for 11 months and then, just after he changed his coat with new feathers, he disappeared.”

But that was not the last…

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Petition · Alabama State Senate: This petition is to get justice for Nina ·

eknXOCqJeZnMkYy-800x450-noPadThere son witness Nina  being shot in there back yard  by a neighbor, than  he picked her up and dumped her in the woods !

Act Now to End Orca Captivity in the U.S.


petition: I have 5 dogs, but my town imposed a 2-dog limit and wants to take them away!, Minnesota


Petition · Relocate your monkeys to a sanctuary rather than euthanizing them. ·