Cemetery Cat

Cats are being recognized more and more for their ability to help humans whether in nursing homes as therapy cats or by helping kids learn to read. Science has also caught up with what cat lovers already know – that on top of companionship cats provide us with many health benefits. When it comes to providing comfort or stress relief cats are masters at it and we often don’t even realize they are working their magic on us. In the UK Barney the cemetery cat is once such feline who has worked his healing magic on people for 20 years.

Barney the Cemetery cat, UK, Therapy cat, Cat comforts mouners, UK Cemetery, cats as healers, cats help cemetery mourners in UK, Ginger moggy Barney lived at St Sampson’s Parish cemetery dies, beloved cemetery cat diesBarney the cemetery cat consoled mourners for 20 years. Barney lived at St Sampson’s Parish cemetery in Guernsey, UK. Image – Mirror.co.uk

Barney, who had been at the cemetery since he was a kitten, originally lived next store with his owners, but after they moved away the ginger…

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