TEPCO Executives Indicted Over Fukushima Nuclear Disaster; Trial Next Year; The End of Impunity? And the Mysterious M-Fund?

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Former TEPCO executives were indicted on Monday, 29 Feb., 2016, over TEPCO’s Fukushima Nuclear Disaster, and are expected to be put on trial next year. This is upon insistence by a Japan Citizens’ Panel. Japan’s Citizens’ Panels were “introduced after World War Two to curb bureaucratic overreach“, according to Reuters (29-Feb-2016).
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Former Tepco execs indicted over Fukushima nuclear disaster
Posted:Mon, 29 Feb 2016 07:31:00 GMT
TOKYO (Reuters) – Three former Tokyo Electric Power (Tepco) executives were indicted on Monday for failing to take safety measures to prevent the nuclear disaster at Fukushima Daiichi plant in 2011, a Tokyo District Court official said.http://feeds.reuters.com/~r/reuters/environment/~3/jkWFVh88ty0/story01.htm
[Update: According to this article the trial could be as soon as 6 months: https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2016/03/01/tepco-boss-indictment-major-step-for-justice-trial-may-reveal-hidden-info-about-fukushima-nuclear-disaster/%5D

Is this the opening of a new period of justice? Is the period of flagrant impunity of bureaucrats and corporate executives coming to an end? Bad people beware!…

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Take Action: North Carolina’s historic horses in jeopardy

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WHEN CORDERO, a wild foal, was first spotted on North Carolina’s famed Outer Banks, the tides were too high to bring a trailer. For the four days that followed, Karen McCalpain, director of the Corolla Wild Horse Fund, and volunteers searched for him through wooded areas and marsh until they happened upon him and his family.

Cordero was born with severe front leg deformities – a result of inbreeding. Sadly, due to the severity of his condition, he had to be euthanized.

“I have been in this position for nearly 10 years, and I have watched the number of deformities in small foals steadily increase over this period,” McCalpain explains. “Something desperately needs to be done.”

The Corolla wild horses represent one of the oldest and rarest strains of Colonial Spanish horses. They are listed as a critically endangered breed and have been present…

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New Petition Started To Help Live (EU) Animals Suffering At Turkish Border – Please Sign And Crosspost Thank You.

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cattle in manure

Photo – EoA / AWF.

More than 5 years of evidence gathering, and presentation to the EU. 

What have they done ? – Nothing, that’s what.  Animals in transport continue to suffer the worst nightmare –

watch the video below to see what we mean.

Following on from all of our recent work and posts relating to the terrible conditions which EU animals are having to endure en route to Turkey, as filmed by Lesley and the crew at Eyes on Animals in the Netherlands – http://www.eyesonanimals.com/    we have now started a petition to get it stopped.  The petition link is given directly below.

Please sign and also pass on to all your contacts – we want to make an impact with this petition and make the EU Commissioners who are responsible for allowing this animal abuse to happen accountable to the citizens of Europe and the rest of…

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