Thank You Wyomissing Family Restaurant For NO MORE FUR SALES

Animal Action of Greater Reading, PA

For decades, the Wyomissing Family Restaurant has supported the fur industry by allowing Pollack Furs, a local fur shop, to


have trunk shows in their banquet hall. A trunk show is a sales event for showing merchandise to any number of select customers. They often use huge discounts like 25%, 50% or 75% off to bring in more people, which creates larger sales volume. Larger sales volume in the fur and animal skin trade is no bueno. Each time the Wyomissing Family Restaurant allowed the Pollacks a platform to make their blood money, the restaurant was in turn making a bold statement that they too supported this egregious industry. An offense we did not take lightly.

When we first found out about their relationship with the Pollacks, we contacted the restaurant immediately and respectfully let the owners know that we were extremely disappointed to hear that they were supporting the…

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