How banned “Mislabeled” Fukushima food products are making it onto international store shelves.



by Robert Harrington

It is being reported that tainted food from Fukushima, Ibaraki, Gumma, and Chiba is making its way into local supermarkets in Taiwan due to the irresponsibility of mislabeling. What’s more, these food products were banned in Taiwan since March of 2011.

The first question is: Why are food products from the concerned Japanese prefectures surrounding Fukushima mislabelled?

The second question is: Why is Japan attempting to foist its unsafe and inferior radioactive foods on Taiwan?

Instead of humbly acquiescing to Taiwan’s wishes, Japan takes an aggressive approach even threatening WTO arbitration.

Taiwan’s Food and Drug Administration said the latest enforcement was in line with radiation safety management practices that other countries have put in place on Japanese food imports following the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster.

It said it “is necessary to protect the safety of food consumption” for Taiwanese.

But Japan is protesting the move, with the government…

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Support ASPCA’s Efforts to Protect Pets From Cruelty


Too many animal abusers get away with trivial fines or no punishment at all. The ASPCA is proposing two bills that would see dogs and other pets better protected by the law. Urge President Obama to support these bills and ensure they are passed as laws.

Source: Support ASPCA’s Efforts to Protect Pets From Cruelty

Outlaw Cruel Circus that Forces Polar Bears to Sing and Dance


Polar bears are muzzled and forced to stand on their hind legs for long periods of time in a popular Russian circus act. They are also allegedly beaten and starved. Demand the immediate closing of this cruel circus.

Source: Outlaw Cruel Circus that Forces Polar Bears to Sing and Dance

Outlaw Poison that Kills Bald Eagles


Thirteen bald eagles died under questionable circumstances, and authorities are concerned that poison may have been involved. Demand the outlawing of all poison near bald eagle habitats and protect this vulnerable species.

Source: Outlaw Poison that Kills Bald Eagles

Save the Vaquita Porpoise and Totoaba Fish From Extinction


There are less than 100 vaquita porpoise left in the world, and gill net fishing of totoaba fish in the Gulf of Mexico may bring the dolphin relative to extinction. Demand that China’s government put an end to the sale of totoaba swim bladder and save the remaining vaquita population.

Source: Save the Vaquita Porpoise and Totoaba Fish From Extinction

End Wild Elephant Imports to U.S. Zoos


Eighteen wild elephants were captured from the wild and are planned to be imported from Africa to spend the rest of their lives in captivity in U.S. zoos. Stop the importation of these harmless animals to end elephant captivity in our zoos.

Source: End Wild Elephant Imports to U.S. Zoos

Stop Zoo from Allowing Public to Touch Hippos


A zoo is allowing the public to touch hippopotamuses, including a mother and her baby. Hippopotamuses are aggressive animals and are responsible for more deaths in Africa than any other mammal. Sign this petition to demand that this program be put to an end for the safety of the public and the animals.

Source: Stop Zoo from Allowing Public to Touch Hippos

Peacocks Allegedly Killed by Zoo Visitors Deserve Justice


Two peacocks have died of shock after zoo visitors allegedly picked them up for pictures and plucked out their feathers. Demand these people be found and severely punished.

Source: Peacocks Allegedly Killed by Zoo Visitors Deserve Justice

Peacock Dies Of Shock After Tourists Pick Him Up To Take Photos

No animal deserves to die for a photo.

The troubling trend of mistreating animals for the sake of photos has claimed another victim.

A peacock held captive at a zoo in China was killed by a group of tourists who insisted on picking up the bird so they could have their picture taken with him. The peacock, frightened of being handled, is said to have died from shock shortly after.

Chinese news outlet reports that staff at the Yunnan Wild Animals Park were alerted to the impromptu photo shoot, though by then the damage had been done.

“There are obvious signs in the zoo to ban people from catching peacocks,” one zoo employee told “But there were too many tourists gathering at the time which made it too busy for us to ease the flow. When our working staff noticed the misbehavior, it’s been late.”

Although it’s been reported elsewhere that two peacocks were killed, China Central Television reported that was not the case.

The zoo says that this is the first time an animal has been killed by unruly tourists demanding photos, but similar cases have begun to be reported with increasing regularity.

Last week, a group of tourists in Argentina made international headlines after reportedly plucking a baby dolphin from the ocean to take selfies, resulting in that animal’s death. Days later, footage emerged of a man dragging a shark onto a beach for the sake of a photo. It’s unclear if that animal survived.
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