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Protect Marine Animals From Noise Pollution

Fish are being driven to extinction by noise pollution from boat engines. It makes many of them less likely to live in certain areas and it makes prey fish slower to respond to predation. Draw attention to aquatic noise pollution and help save fish species.

Source: Protect Marine Animals From Noise Pollution

Applaud Move to Strengthen Animal Cruelty Laws

A legislator in Connecticut is reviving an animal cruelty bill to impose harsher penalties on offenders who harm animals. Applaud this decision to protect animals from torture and death.

Source: Applaud Move to Strengthen Animal Cruelty Laws

Crack Down on Animal Abuse in Aquatic Theme Parks

Marine mammals have suffered at aquatic theme parks for too long. New regulations will ensure better living environments for these captive animals. Urge the USDA to put these new regulations into action immediately.

Source: Crack Down on Animal Abuse in Aquatic Theme Parks

Shut Down “Zoo of Death”


The zoo of Death is an infamous zoo in Indonesia with a sickening degree of cruelty. Surabaya zoo starves its animals while displaying them as entertainment for visitors. Finally, when the animal succumb to death, they are illegally harvested for organs. Tell President Widodo to shut this monstrosity down.

Source: Shut Down “Zoo of Death”

Support Ban on Cruel Hunts in Alaskan Reservations

A ban has recently been placed in Alaskan reservations on cruel methods of population control such as hunting hibernating bears, though it has been facing backlash. Sign the petition to support the decision to protect Alaska’s unique wildlife populations.

Source: Support Ban on Cruel Hunts in Alaskan Reservations

Stop Japan From Murdering Thousands of Minke Whales

Japan is planning on killing 333 minke whales in the Antarctic every year for the next 12 years in the name of research. Whales in the Antarctic are protected under international regulations, and Japan’s whaling vessels must be stopped. Demand Japan stop slaughtering minke whales under the guise of research.

Source: Stop Japan From Murdering Thousands of Minke Whales

Cancel Alligator Wrestling Show

During an alligator show performance, a man wrestles the alligators, pokes them with sticks, and climbs on their backs to force their mouths open for the audience. Demand the show be cancelled.

Source: Cancel Alligator Wrestling Show

End Cruel Deer Trapping Program

Deer are lured to a trap, pinned down and then have their antlers sawed off all while conscious as a means of population control in a Texas city. The deer are then thrown into a truck and head to slaughter. Sign this petition and demand the town employ more humane ways of population control.

Source: End Cruel Deer Trapping Program

Ban Animal Abusers From Owning Pets for Life

A young Chihuahua was recently beaten, drugged and burned, yet the perpetrators were only banned from owning pets for five years. Demand that animal abusers be placed on a registry prohibiting them from owning animals for life.

Source: Ban Animal Abusers From Owning Pets for Life

Stop Killing The Deer In Our National Parks


petition: Identify and Prosecute Those Responsible for the Death of a Baby Dolphin




Favorite Vegan Handbags 

By Eva Bloomfield, Vegan Editor

As we get brave winter, looking forward to a change in season and brighter, warmer days, now is the time to start our spring clean and embrace some closet feng shui, getting into the minimalism spirit. Deep breaths everyone: it can be done. Here is my curated checklist of a {reasonably small and totally crush-worthy} handful of handbags to get you through the day-to-day through the wintry season and take you into spring. Tips for staying on the road to simplicity this year: keep the color palette neutral, the lines geometric and find a balance between style and function.

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 11.15.34 PM

  1. On-trend and versatile, the Cross-Body bag from Angela Roi is the ideal grab-and-go option; it will complement most any casual ensemble and has ample room for whatever you wish to cart around for the entire day.morningmud_1024x1024
  2. The results are in and the seemingly impossible has happened: fanny packs…

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