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China: Petition – Stop China’s Out-of-Control Spread of GMO-Contaminated Seeds.

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Stop China’s Out-of-Control Spread of GMO-Contaminated Seeds

Target: Chinese President Xi Jinping

Goal: Stop the rampant spread of GMO contamination in the food supply.

Chinese farmers are illegally growing unprecedented amounts of genetically modified corn. Reports show that 93 percent of samples taken last year from corn fields in five counties in Liaoning province tested positive for GMO contamination. In addition, almost 100 percent of samples of seeds that were taken from markets, as well as samples of corn-based foods, also tested positive for GMO contamination.

China has spent billions of dollars to develop GMO crops and may be losing control over them.

This is dangerous because the government will not be able to control the food supply, which is distributed across the globe. If this continues, most of the food supply will be made up of GMO-contaminated food and many farmers may not even know they are being…

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USA: Meat Is Murdering American Rivers – Will America Act Or Have Another Burger ?

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Meat Is Murdering American Rivers

Government data shows that food processing plants are the biggest toxic polluters of waterways in the U.S.

David Kirby has been a professional journalist for 25 years. His third book, Death at Seaworld, was published in 2012.

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There is no question that industrial agriculture is polluting the nation’s waterways, but huge factory farms are not the only culprits: Food processing plants also dump millions of pounds oftoxic waste into rivers, lakes, and streams, according to an analysis released by Environment America, a national coalition of advocacy groups.

The report listed the top 15 water polluters in terms of volume but focused mostly on Tyson Foods, which processes 73 million pounds of beef, pork, and poultry every week.

“Tyson Foods Inc. and its subsidiaries dumped 104 million pounds of pollutants into waterways from 2010 to 2014,” the report said…

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Justice for Birds and Pedestrians Shot With Blow Darts

Birds were found shot through the neck with darts, and now they suffer through life with the weapons wedged in their bodies. The attacker also targeted pedestrians. Demand this sick-minded person be found and given the maximum penalty possible.

Source: Justice for Birds and Pedestrians Shot With Blow Darts

End Noise Pollution Near Reefs

Fish are being driven to extinction by noise pollution from boat engines. It makes many of them less likely to live in certain areas and it makes prey fish slower to respond to predation. Draw attention to aquatic noise pollution and help save fish species.

Source: End Noise Pollution Near Reefs

Illegal Hunts in Whale Sanctuary Must Be Stopped

Hundreds of whales will be hunted and killed in the Southern Ocean, despite this being illegal. Neighboring countries have done little to prevent this slaughter. Urge the Australian government to help halt this massacre by disclosing the whaling fleet’s location.

Source: Illegal Hunts in Whale Sanctuary Must Be Stopped

Stop Slaughter of Rare Mountain Lions

Mountain lions are being killed in large numbers throughout the western U.S. Demand legal measures are implemented to protect these magnificent animals.

Source: Stop Slaughter of Rare Mountain Lions

Shut Down Cruel Roadside Zoo

Despite many charges and accusations against their care of both animals and employees, a cruel roadside zoo continues to operate. It’s time to say enough is enough, and push for this questionable facility to be shut down.

Source: Shut Down Cruel Roadside Zoo

Shut Down Inhumane Zoo

A roadside zoo was investigated by the USDA and issued $5,000 in fines due to neglect. Allegedly, animals were not given proper veterinary care when needed and were given no form of relief while in 100+ degree weather. Sign this petition and demand this roadside zoo be shut down and that the animals are sent to accredited sanctuaries.

Source: Shut Down Inhumane Zoo

Close Zoo Where Animals Cannibalize Each Other

A800px-Papio_anubis_Serengeti_2009-via-Yathin-S-Krishnappa-310x465 baboon was reportedly cannibalized by starving cage-mates at a zoo, and was left with severe open wounds that have gone untreated. Demand that the zoo be shut down and the animals relocated to an accredited sanctuary.

Source: Close Zoo Where Animals Cannibalize Each Other