Toy Store Sells Stuffed Animals Made With Real Fur



This Place Is A Zoo
6231 164th St SE
Snohomish, WA 98296

TOLL FREE:  1-855-TPIAZoo   (1-855-874-2900)

PHONE 360-668-9843

STORE HOURS.  10:00am – 4:00pm PST









18 comments on “Toy Store Sells Stuffed Animals Made With Real Fur

  1. Stacey Ann took the words from my mouth that it is disgusting. I have seen these around a lot in stores. They are deadly for animals, ugly, and surely unhealthy to buy. It is easy not to know what they are. If the animals died of natural causes it is maybe even more unhealthy for people as well as disrespectful to the animal.

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  2. Animals are suffering before they are allowed to die for toys. This is utter cruelty as well as providing their own fur for fashion. Utterly horrendous

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  3. Toys made with real animals. Nobody in their right mind would make, sell or buy them. Shows how many evil people there are in this world.

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  4. Please stop selling them…the fur is from an animal that was killed ..Please stop selling them..this is not right ..As an animal lover..I am begging you…they go through pain to lose their fur and anyone in their right mind does not and will not buy them…God is watching..

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