Petition Update:K9 Alex Officially Retired alongside officer Hickey

Mayor Joe Matthews, City of Marietta OH: Help keep retired K9 Ajax where he…
by Greg Taylor · 27,513 supporters
Petition update

K9 Ajax officially retired along with Officer Matt Hickey

Greg Taylor
Maineville, OH
Feb 5, 2016 — The City of Marietta has decided that under interpretation of Ohio Revised Code 9.6 that if a K9 Unit (dog/horse and their Officer/handler) is disbanded then the Officer has the right to purchase their partner for $1. So K9 Ajax is officially retired alongside Officer Hickey!! I am going to go ahead and claim VICTORY on this petition at this point so that I can download the signature and comments and be able to send to the Ohio Representatives who are drafting new legislation to have both ORC 9.2 and 721.15. Thank-you all who have supported this effort, our voices have been heard!!!


It looks like we were victorious!!!
Victory! Retired K9 Ajax and Retired Officer Matt Hickey are together!
This petition made change with 27,513 supporters!
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Mayor Joe Matthews, City of…
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