50 Vegan Recipes for Super Bowl 50 (Photos Videos)

Whether or not you’re a sports fan, you can still participate in the pre-game, halftime, and post-game football festivities with this vegan game-day grub.

Source: 50 Vegan Recipes for Super Bowl 50 (Photos Videos)

VICTORY! GUESS to Ditch Angora Wool

Thanks to the more than 53,000 PETA members and supporters who urged GUESS to stop selling angora, the company announced that it will no longer sell angora.

Source: VICTORY! GUESS to Ditch Angora Wool

Petition Update:K9 Alex Officially Retired alongside officer Hickey

Mayor Joe Matthews, City of Marietta OH: Help keep retired K9 Ajax where he…
by Greg Taylor · 27,513 supporters
Petition update

K9 Ajax officially retired along with Officer Matt Hickey

Greg Taylor
Maineville, OH
Feb 5, 2016 — The City of Marietta has decided that under interpretation of Ohio Revised Code 9.6 that if a K9 Unit (dog/horse and their Officer/handler) is disbanded then the Officer has the right to purchase their partner for $1. So K9 Ajax is officially retired alongside Officer Hickey!! I am going to go ahead and claim VICTORY on this petition at this point so that I can download the signature and comments and be able to send to the Ohio Representatives who are drafting new legislation to have both ORC 9.2 and 721.15. Thank-you all who have supported this effort, our voices have been heard!!!


It looks like we were victorious!!!
Victory! Retired K9 Ajax and Retired Officer Matt Hickey are together!
This petition made change with 27,513 supporters!
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Petition update · “This morally suspect male-bonding event is ecologically indefensible” · Change.org


Time for local action: Wildlife – Killing Contest In Marshall MN



Time for local action: wildlife-killing contest in Marshall MN!

The Petition to “Prohibit Wildlife Killing Contests in Minnesota” has attracted nationwide attention. Interest and signatures have come in from Minnesota residents, natives, relatives, friends, and visitors residing in every State of the U.S.A. (and in other countries around the world). The regional subtotals of Petition signatures show an average response of about 14% per region in the US. Response was higher in the southwest, and lower in the central and northwestern States.

And now it’s time for local action!

Marshall, MN area residents! Southwestern Minnesota residents, visitors, and friends! Let your views be known!

In your own words, or quoting this Petition or other information, please speak up to the following people and organizations (at whatever level you’re comfortable with):

== City of Marshall, MN ==
Mayor Robert J. Byrnes, 507-337-2809, robert.byrnes@ci.marshall.mn.us
Ward 2 City Council Member David Sturrock, david.sturrock@ci.marshall.mn.us
Ward 2 City Council Member Larry Doom, 507-537-1523, larry.doom@ci.marshall.mn.us

== Marshall Independent (local press) ==
“Story Idea” to request coverage of the issue:
“Letter to the Editor” to speak up directly:

== Affiliated Organizations (probably not officially in favor of any such contest) ==
National Wild Turkey Federation: http://www.nwtf.org/contact (and while you’re on this page, look in the upper-right of the page for the “search” box, and try a search for the word “predator” for further information).
Pheasants Forever: https://www.pheasantsforever.org/Contact-Us.aspx (and while you’re on this page, look in the upper-right of the page for the “search” box, and try a search for the word “predator” for further information).
Marshall MN Convention & Visitors Bureau, Marshall Area Chamber of Commerce: http://marshall-mn.org/main/index.php/about-us/contact-us.html, 507-532-4484.

== Contest Organizer (promoting this contest) ==
Ty Brouwer, 507-430-6473, buffaloridgenwtf@gmail.com

== Petition Organizer (opposing all such contests) ==
Scott Slocum, info@ss-slocum.info.
If you’d like to organize with others in your area, please drop me a line, and I’ll help connect you. Also, if I’ve made any errors or omissions in this Petition Update, please let me know, and I’ll correct them.

== Community Organizers (opposing all such contests) ==
If you’re a member of an animal-protection group like the Minnesota Humane Society or the Humane Society of the United States, please contact your group representative to coordinate action with them. Their involvement depends on yours!

== More information ==

Here’s some more local perspective on contests like these–and their potential, local solutions.

On February 20, 2016, participants in the “Save the Birds” Coyote Hunting Tournament will be bringing in their freshly-killed coyote carcasses to a parking lot in the City of Marshall, MN. There, the carcasses will be weighed–guts and all; fresh, not frozen; jaws blocked open. This is a competition for the most coyotes killed, heaviest killed, and smallest killed. If last year’s photographer is available again this year, contestants will have the opportunity to drop the carcasses onto the bloody sidewalk before them, and pose for “heroic hunter” photos.

The carcasses will be oozing bodily fluids, jumping with fleas, parasitized and infected. Some of their wounds will be gaping, inflicted by multiple, long range shots from high-powered, semi-automatic rifles. Some from close-range shotgun blasts. The animals will have been dropped in distant fields and wetlands. Since time is of the essence, they will have been shot at the first opportunity, by contestants eager for prizes. These contestants won’t necessarily have spent time calling the animals in closer for safer and more species-specific, accurate, and humane shots. The carcasses that are brought in will not include domestic dogs, game that might be taken out of season, or other wildlife that might be taken by way of other violations of hunting regulations or laws (most such animals, when and if they’re shot, are suspected to be left where they fall, or to be dumped in inconspicuous locations, so as not to arouse public anger or invite prosecution).

The numbers of predators taken will not be a significant percentage of the predator population, nor a significant percentage of the potential “problem animals” around livestock-production areas, nor of those that will take the wild turkeys as part of their natural hunting behaviors. The contest will not provide any form of support for non-lethal livestock best management practices or methods of sustainable coexistence with wild-living predator populations.

Although this contest will raise funds for wild turkey habitat restoration and maintenance (the actual goal of the National Wild Turkey Federation and its chapters including the sponsor of this contest); most of the financial activity surrounding the contest will center on door prizes, raffles, and tournament prizes; on the gear that’s on display; and on the “pro-staff” sales reps who are on hand to sell it: firearms, ammunition, optics, calls, clothing and other gear.

So, for residents of a city in which a contest like this is scheduled, the question is this: “what can we ask our neighbors and local officials to do?” Even if we don’t like them, these contests do seem to be legal, according to current City Ordinances and State gambling, game & fish Rules and Statutes.

And in answer, there’s the key word: these contests seem to be legal according to current Ordinances. Residents can request new Ordinances. For example, an Ordinance requiring prompt disposal of carcasses, or prohibiting their public display. A ban on the promotion or operation of killing contests in the City. Or the enforcement of an Ordinance against public obscenity.

Local residents can express their opposition to the local officials, sponsoring organizations, affiliated organizations, news media, and opposing individuals and organizations listed above. For example, the parent organizations–National Wild Turkey Federation and Pheasants Forever–did not come up with this idea for a wildlife-killing contest; their scientists, staff, and members promote a focus on habitat restoration and maintenance, and a stable coexistence with predators and the natural environment. They should be embarrassed to be associated with this contest.

Any or all of the above issues can be addressed privately or publicly; individually, or as part of a group, depending on what’s comfortable for each person. One secure, private option is to contact this Petition’s organizer, Scott Slocum, at his blog’s email address info@ss-slocum.info

If you’re not in the Marshall, MN area, your local activism (in your own area) is still needed! Please feel free to adapt any of the materials above to your local situation. Thank you!

Petition · Congress: Stop pharmaceutical companies from charging outrageous prices for life saving drugs. · Change.org


Dog Vanishes During Potty Break: 3 Days Later He’s Found Buried Alive


Dog Vanishes During Potty Break: 3 Days Later He’s Found Buried Alive

By: Laura S.February 4, 2016
About Laura
Lisa Valkenburgh thought nothing of it when she opened her back door to let her 12-year-old German Shepherd Maverick out for a bathroom break last week. It was an ordinary event, something she’d done thousands of times before, but this day would be different. This is the day that Maverick would simply vanish.

At first Lisa was calm when she didn’t immediately spot Maverick in her Platte County, Mo., backyard, but minutes quickly turned to hours. Lisa called for him and began searching as a bubble of fear swelled inside her chest. And as the midnight hours brought a stillness across the neighborhood, Lisa just knew that something horrible had happened to her beloved dog. Lisa’s family canvassed the neighborhood for days, enlisting other residents to keep a look out for any sign of Maverick. No one had seen him. No one had heard him… until there came that faint howl rising up from beneath the earth.


Lisa and her family searched for Maverick for days.
“I didn’t give up,” Lisa said. “I had to go look one more time. I heard a faint howl five foot down and underground. There was my little old man.”




It took three firefighters from the Southern Platte Fire Protection District about 90 minutes to carefully extract Maverick from a roadside sinkhole where he’d been buried alive. They had to work carefully to avoid allowing more earth to slide onto his body and potentially suffocate him during the rescue.


‘They took shovels and they were actually able to get three firefighters to come from different angles and to shovel it out and keep the mud from compacting and compressing on him, to keep him from actually suffocating,’ Valkenburgh’s son Roman Alexander told Fox4kc.

The first couple of days were touch-and-go for Maverick who was severely dehydrated and unable to go to the bathroom on his own. There was significant concern that he had ingested a large amount of clay and that it might create an intestinal obstructions.

“Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers and thank you everyone for your kind words helps more than you know,” Lisa said on Facebook days ago.

But each day has brought progress for Maverick.

“Not out of the woods yet, but he’s drinking alot and he urinated on his own and pooped!” Lisa said two days ago, relieved that the fear of obstruction had passed. “Never been so excited for him to poop!”


The latest update reveals that Maverick is stable and on his way back home.

“Great news Mavey had a great morning!” Lisa reports. “He got up walked on his own and had a big breakfast! Blood work came back all normal! So momma is picking up her boy this evening he is coming home. Thank you everyone!”

Read more: http://www.care2.com/causes/dog-vanishes-during-potty-break-3-days-later-hes-found-buried-alive.html#ixzz3zL7PJxL2

Don’t Let Man Accused of Neglecting 600 Animals Get Away on Littering Fine

A judge reportedly exchanged an animal cruelty charge for a $1 littering fine when 632 animals were found living with a man in a storefront. Some animals reportedly had no access to food and water. Their lives should be worth more than a $1 fine; sign this petition to stop animal abusers from getting away with these sick crimes.

Source: Don’t Let Man Accused of Neglecting 600 Animals Get Away on Littering Fine

Punish Man Charged with Shooting Family Dog

A hunter was charged with killing a family dog next to the owners’ property. Support this petition to ensure he is punished to the fullest extent of the law.

Source: Punish Man Charged with Shooting Family Dog

Don’t Let Ringling Retire Elephants to Its Own Cruel Facility

The good news is that Ringling Bros. is going to retire its elephants. The bad news is that they’re being sent to Ringling’s own center where they could be abused with bullhooks and electric prods. Demand Ringling Bros. send its elephants to an accredited sanctuary to live the life they deserve.

Source: Don’t Let Ringling Retire Elephants to Its Own Cruel Facility