Take Neglected Dogs Away from Owner


Two dogs have been left without adequate care or protection from harsh weather conditions. Despite this, the ASPCA claims they cannot remove the animals. Urge the ASPCA to re-examine local animal cruelty laws and seize the dogs.

Source: Take Neglected Dogs Away from Owner


8 comments on “Take Neglected Dogs Away from Owner

        • Thank you Claudine, I hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend and that pizza sounds delish 😘🍕
          But the goat….yikes 😝 In the US it seems to be ham or lamb and lots and lots of eggs. I agree on the religious traditions…..they seem to be the biggest hypocrites, God created animals to, but for some unknown reason it seems humanity is only supposed to exist for fellow humans….😕
          A great big hug from the animals and me…🌷🐣🌷🐇🌷


          • Dear Nancy, my husband and I we are following the Buddhist path… but we’re still Christian. I love pope Francis https://claudinegiovannoni.com/category/pope-francis-papa-francesco/ since he is a great example of compassion. I don’t know if he is vegetarian or vegan… but if PETA made him “person of the year in 2015” has for sure some deep meaning. There are such terrible religious traditions such the “jewish kapparot” just to name one in the US, without forgetting “thanksgiving”… but the list could be days long. Hugs, love and serenity :-)c

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            • That’s wonderful Claudine what a beautiful path you and your husband are following. Yes the pope is truly living up to the name of Saint Francis… truly a humble man who really loves animals and a vegan. But disappointed that many parishes throughout our country use live animals for entertainment and fundraising…. which makes me think that’s who the petitions should go, to make it stop! Thank you for the link, I’m so please they gave him that award and happy he is our Pope… Blessings to you and your family

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