Beware: Kitten Killer Finds Them on Craigslist

Making Waves 🌸utreach

Dover, DE (USA)

This guy just got out of jail after being committed for torturing/killing 19 cats in NJ. He is now in Delaware and several people on Facebook have said that they have already re-homed kittens with him. Please contact the Office of Animal Welfare (or call the cops – it is against the terms of his release!!) if he contacts or has contacted you about a cat or kitten.

Anthony Appolonia! He also goes by the names A. Smith and Michael Racanelli and lives in Dover near the Air Force Base.

His main means of transportation is DART and he will have you meet him somewhere along their route. He tells people that he has anxiety among other issues and says that his doctor suggested having a cat would be good therapy for him. He will even offer to pay a small re-homing fee.

He was convicted in…

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