Le Beurre Shop Essentiel Shea Butter Body Cream in Vanilla

Vegan Beauty

IMG_0408_1 - Copy

From the October Vegan Cuts Beauty Box

Le Beurre Shop hypes this “immediately melts into dry skin, penetrating it with nutrient rich moisture”.  I tested this on my feet, which are notoriously drier than the Sahara.  So far, nothing has made these bad boys completely soft, including this body cream.  But my feet are noticeably softer, so this has made a significant dent in my dry skin.  And by significant, I mean that my feet are probably 80% of the way to looking like normal feet again.

The texture and smell of this reminded me of frosting that comes in a can.  It’s very thick and very sweet-smelling.  But if you can get past the feeling of spreading frosting on your body, I think it works very well.  Also, if vanilla isn’t your thing, this comes in 3 other scents, plus an unscented version.  If you are dry, check this…

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