In Huge Win For Elephants, Hong Kong Finally Vows To ‘Phase Out’ Ivory Sales

Emilio Cogliani

With 30,000 African elephants killed every yearfor their ivory, putting the species at a real and imminent risk of extinction, activists have called for the dismantling of the global ivory trade.

?Ivory is beautiful,? conservationist Rory Young told The Huffington Post back in 2014. ?The problem is, we just can?t do this anymore.?

This week, animal rights activists are celebrating a huge win in this fight.

Hong Kong, said to be the world?s largest retail market for ivory, announced that it would be phasing out the sale of legal ivory in the city.

According to CNN, Hong Kong’s leader, Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying, said in his annual policy address Wednesday that the government will ?phase out the local ivory trade.?He also vowed to ?impose heavier penalties on smuggling and illegal trading of endangered species.?

Alex Hofford of WildAid Hong Kong, an organization that has campaigned for…

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