Fed judge says Idaho trapping rules violate ESA, allow endangered lynx to be killed in North Idaho

Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin Film Production Co.

Source: The Spokesman – Review Wednesday January 13, 2016 Idaho must change its trapping rules, because current rules are violating the Endangered Species Act in North Idaho by allowing inadvertent trapping of federally protected Canada lynx, a federal judge ruled today. Patrick Carney, president of the Idaho Trappers Association, told the Associated Press that if all the rule changes sought by environmental groups that sued were enacted, it’d severely cut back trapping in Idaho. “If they implement all that, wolf trapping is over, and so is all of the other trapping,” Carney said.

Besides wolves, other animals legal to trap in Idaho include coyotes, bobcats, otters, beavers, foxes, marten and mink.
The conservation groups in the lawsuit said trapping in Idaho has increased from about 650 licenses issued in the 2001-2002 season to more than 2,300 in recent years. Officials say that at least four lynx have been trapped in…

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