Meatless Monday: Belly Rubs and Beyond — Tracey Stewart and “Do Unto Animals”

Emilio Cogliani

Tracey Stewart shares her home and life with two children, a husband (Jon Stewart, “The Daily Show” host — maybe you’ve heard of him), four dogs, a hamster, two pigs, a pair of cows, three rabbits, two guinea pigs, a couple of fish and a parrot. That’s a lot of sharing and a lot of animals — and that’s just the way Stewart wants it. “My relationship with animals has been intense and wonderful since the day I was born,” says the author of “Do Unto Animals.”


A warm and gentle guide,”Do Unto Animals” aims to make your relationship with animals intense and wonderful, too. You don’t have to share a home with 17 of them to make a difference. “I’ve found there is a real benefit in having a close relationship with your local shelter,” Stewart says. “Shelters are usually understaffed, overworked and usually open to any kind of…

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