The Answer To Keeping Your Animal Companions Dry & Comfortable ~ Help For Special Needs Or Incontinence

Tania Marie


I wanted to share this information for any of you moms, dads, and care takers of sweet souls in animal bodies that have special needs like Cosmo who can no longer pull himself into a litter box to pee, or who are simply incontinent.

I can’t believe it took this long to discover this little, but very helpful trick, but I’m grateful I have now and for the process of learning that Cosmo and I have gone through, which has been a growth and bonding experience.

After nearly a year of him having a permanent home with us and in my heart, I have stumbled upon a fantastic remedy for urination in any place other than a litter box or designated area that would otherwise be a challenge.

So, I’ll rewind first before sharing the new found solution.

When Cosmo first came to me I was using a system of…

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