Man Was Terminally Ill Until His Dogs Forced Him To Live - by F. Kaskais


By Christian Cotroneo

Every time Zach Skow looked in the mirror, he saw a dead man.

His skin was a ghoulish glint of yellow. His body had crumpled into itself, gaunt and haggard.

And his eyes? Well, it was best not to stare too long into those pools of despair.

“Your eyes are grey and bright yellow,” Skow told The Dodo. “There is this death just lingering behind the surface of your eyes. It was a tough thing to look at.”

“I stared at myself in the mirror going, ‘Oh my God, your soul is fucking gone.'”

But the mirror revealed something else. Just behind him, nipping at the mirror’s edge, was a Labrador mix named Tug wagging his tail at Skow’s hollowed reflection. Tug was one of three dogs Skow rescued from shelters in Southern California.

Somehow, this man, whose organs were failing after years of abuse…

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