They Are My Reason

Walking with the Alligators

Breanna, Walkingfox and their PT Cruiser

Yes it has been a long time.

The reason is simple, I am not well…

I was sitting here this morning feeling a bit sorry for myself because tomorrow I will have a second blast to get a quite large kidney stone blasted out of a very run down body from over six weeks of endless pain.

For those of you who are mothers, it is like being in labor 24/7 and NOT giving birth!

The procedure is called,  Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy.

This same procedure last month failed to break the stone up, so a re-do was scheduled.

This morning, while only thinking of my selfish self, a beautiful story came on our local news.

Can I say that my selfish thoughts all disappeared in an instant and were replaced with overwhelming sorrow for this precious innocent child.

This child who lost her entire family in an…

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