Stop Killing Thousands of Endangered Sea Turtles

Over 1,200 endangered green turtles were allegedly killed in a four-month span at an abusive tourist attraction. These deaths were reportedly caused by a bacterial outbreak that is also dangerous to the thousands of people who visit the attraction annually. Demand that this farm be shut down and the turtles moved to a sanctuary.

Source: Stop Killing Thousands of Endangered Sea Turtles

Stop Inhumane Farm Animal Transportation

Farm animals may go from 36-72 hours without being given food, water, or rest while being transported in Canada. Sign this petition to urge a change in these cruel standards.

Source: Stop Inhumane Farm Animal Transportation

Don’t Separate Therapy Pig from Disabled Young Boy

A pot-bellied pig that greatly helps a little boy deal with horrible Asperger’s symptoms may have to be rehomed because the city says it is an illegal pet. Urge city officials to allow this little boy to keep his pig so that he may continue to better deal with his chronic condition.

Source: Don’t Separate Therapy Pig from Disabled Young Boy

Stop Killing Monarch Butterflies

Monarch butterflies are being killed by the EPA because the agency allows farmers to use herbicides and insecticides that are wiping out monarch butterfly populations. Ban these herbicides and insecticides today.

Source: Stop Killing Monarch Butterflies

Save Rare Sharks from Dying on Fishing Lines

Rare and majestic sharks are dying slow deaths while hanging from fishing lines, because conservation agencies have failed to protect them. Demand steps be taken now to save the rare, elusive dusky shark.

Source: Save Rare Sharks from Dying on Fishing Lines

Ban the Use of All Animals in Movies and TV

A nthropomorphous chimpanzee dressed and standing like a businessman

A nthropomorphous chimpanzee dressed and standing like a businessman

Animals are cruelly being used as props in movies and television productions. They live in deplorable conditions and are beaten during training to ensure they are able to perform on cue. Urge the USDA to ban the use of all animals in the entertainment industry.

Source: Ban the Use of All Animals in Movies and TV

Eliminate Horrifying and Cruel Fur Industry Practices

Millions of animals are tortured and killed by the fur industry each year. Domesticated, wild, and farmed animals are brutalized to create fur trim and coats. End their suffering by demanding regulations on trapping.

Source: Eliminate Horrifying and Cruel Fur Industry Practices

Punish People Who Allegedly Sold Horses for Slaughter

Thousands of protected horses were allegedly sold to slaughterhouses. Yet nobody is being charged with any wrongdoing. Urge the attorney general to strongly suggest that anyone involved with these sick actions be held legally accountable.

Source: Punish People Who Allegedly Sold Horses for Slaughter

Protect Anchovy Population from Overfishing

An anchovy population is in danger of dying out. Overfishing and lack of government resources to enforce quotas is leading to a massive decline in the anchovy population, which feeds humans, marine animals, farmed fish, and livestock. Urge the government to protect the anchovy population.

Source: Protect Anchovy Population from Overfishing

Save Hogs from Allegedly Abusive Farm

A case involving alleged animal abuse and neglect against a hog farm was dropped due to fear of challenging a large corporation. Sign this petition to reopen this case and give the hogs proper care once and for all.

Source: Save Hogs from Allegedly Abusive Farm

Don’t Cook Alligators at Football Games

Students apparently killed and cooked alligators before eating them as a sick way to celebrate their college team’s game against the Florida Gators. Gruesome photos were posted to social media, showing the animals skinned and burning. Demand that any students found responsible for this disgusting and boastful cruelty to animals be severely reprimanded.

Source: Don’t Cook Alligators at Football Games