Puppy Flung off Bridge in Sarajevo, Bosnia


12092513_1720431424857520_1562241327_nThis is Precious. Two days ago, her rescuer, Fahrudin Caki Bravo, told us:

12112346_1721474034753259_1876745766829301075_nThis innocent soul is only 4 months old, but she has already had a horrible destiny so far… Some monster from Sarajevo threw her of a bridge, 7-8 meters high. She weighs only 5 kilos… The police was informed as this action was witnessed but the monster ran off and nobody could find him or this baby. Finally a lady found the puppy crawling down the street, in the middle of the pouring rain… Many people just walked by her while she was dragging the back of her body down the wet concrete. She was brought to the vet and received first aid and they also did an X-ray… She has a complicated back injury… Please help me save her. Her debt at the moment is 105e for boarding and 30e for the X-ray. She will also need…

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