Save Animals From ‘Dead Dog Beach’

As many as 300 starved, homeless dogs can be found at any given time on Dead Dog Beach in Puerto Rico. Many of these dogs are ill, covered in fleas and ticks, and starving to death. Demand that existing laws be enforced and that spay and neuter programs be implemented to prevent any further suffering of innocent dogs.

Source: Save Animals From ‘Dead Dog Beach’

2 comments on “Save Animals From ‘Dead Dog Beach’

  1. There is no excuses for anyone! Such scenes you may see all over the world, but who cares about an “animal”??? You ought to be full of consciousness to see that every living creature need to be respected and loved… and yes… especially them, the animals since they can’t speak up for themselves! And honestly, I positively think that they deserves to live more than some human full with hatred and cruelty.

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