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*********************WEEKEND OF PROTESTS FOR T-24********************

Great Cats of the "World"

The Weekend is getting Close as those Continuing to Roar for Ustad are doing so near and far. ❤

>>> 3 DAYS TO GO BEFORE THE TWEET-STORM FOR USTAD ~ OCT. 3rd Saturday 7pm UK time:

>>> 4 DAYS TO GO BEFORE THE “Wildlife Awareness Rally (WAR)” AS INDIA WALKS FOR THEIR WILDLIFE AND USTAD ~ Sunday, October 4
at 9:30am in UTC+05:30

Continuing to Help Spread Ustad’s plight Internationally , again a big Shout out to BCR for submitting Ustad in their “Newsletter” which hit 100,000 people yesterday.
If you have missed the link you can read it here :

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Thank you !

Original image of Ustad courtesy Archna Singh with much thanks xx

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