Cecil The Lion: A Big-picture Guide to Directed Outrage

Emilio Cogliani


David Shiffman of Southern Fried Science was kind enough to send me his 11-point thought piece on the killing of Cecil. Here’s my list; I only have four points.

1) Humans are by far the kindest, most compassionate, most creative, most violent, most destructive and most misery-inducing animal in the history of the world. We are the only creature capable of creating global problems. Demonstrably, we are not capable of solving the biggest problems we create. By any definition we are an invasive species, now at plague proportion. Because there are too many of us, extinction rates are sharply up. We are creating an extinction spasm unprecedented in tens of millions of years.

2) That puts into proportion the saddest fact: Cecil’s illegal and inhumane killing represents the merest whisper of the deafening roar of the catastrophe we are bringing to lions and all other large land animals. Expanding…

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