SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 27TH PLEASE JOIN THIS TWEET EVENT FOR CECIL . Help Bring Justice to this Mighty King #NoMoreCecils

Great Cats of the "World"

Please invite and share this important event Justice For Cecil :

Time to ROARRRR!!!!

Theo Bronkhorst describes the charges as” Frivolous” and “crazy”, after the court case in Zimbabwe was suspended till September 28th.

Please join us on Sunday 27th September, to tweet for Cecil, we call for Justice over the inhumane death of this Beautiful protected Lion, lured from a safe area by bait to be shot callously with a Bow! his death was slow taking 40hrs to track him and shoot him again, this will impact the Pride he protected, putting his and his ally Jericho’s cubs in danger. it also impacts Eco-Tourism in the area, Trophy Hunters such as Walter Palmer should not continue to be allowed to diminish already fragile eco-systems of endangered Wildlife, a ban on hunting trophies should be implemented by our Governments, our wildlife should be respected and safeguarded for future generations.

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