New Cecil The Lion Beanie Baby Sales To Be Donated To Wildlife Conservation

Emilio Cogliani

A toy company hopes the legacy of Cecil the lion will live on in a might way — through a plushy animal that’s raising donations.

Toy manufacturer Ty has created a Cecil the Lion Beanie Baby to honor the late lion and raise funds for wildlife conservation, with all profits from the toys? sales going to the organization WildCRU, according to a press release.

“Hopefully, this special Beanie Baby will raise awareness for animal conservation and give comfort to all saddened by the loss of Cecil,” said Ty Warner, the company?s founder and chairman.

The Cecil Beanie Baby will retail for $5.99, according to the Chicago Tribune, and 100 percent of sales will be donated to WildCRU– a wildlife conservation and research organization at the University of Oxford, in England.

The toy?s production joins a number of other initiatives around the globe in response to the great…

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Mia Farrow Faces Backlash For Tweeting Address Of Dentist Who Killed Cecil The Lion

Emilio Cogliani

NEW YORK (AP) ? Mia Farrow took some Twitter heat Wednesday for joining other angry social media posters and blasting out the business address of thedentist who killed the beloved lion Cecil in Zimbabwe.

Some apparently thought the actress had listed Walter Palmer’s home address in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, calling for her verified Twitter account to be suspended under the site’s terms of service.

A Twitter spokesman said the company does not comment on individual accounts for privacy and security reasons. He directed The Associated Press to official Twitter rules and policies that allow wiggle room on disciplinary action when information was previously posted or displayed elsewhere on the Internet prior to being put on Twitter.

The Farrow account deleted the original missive amid the outrage questioning whether the intent was to ensure Palmer is physically tracked down by haters. But the deletion did little to calm Twitter nerves.

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Court Says No To Gagging Those Who Reveal Farm Animal Abuse

Emilio Cogliani

A hard-to-watch video, filmed in 2012 by undercover investigators with Mercy for Animals, shows Idaho dairy farm workersviciously abusing cows.

The state’s response: It charged the workerswith misdemeanorsand then caved to the meat and dairy industrywith a 2014 law that makes whistleblowing on farms a crime punishablewith a $5,000 fine and a year in jail.

On Monday, a federal judgestruck downIdaho’s anti-whistleblower law, finding that it violates the First and 14th Amendments. This is the first time such an “ag-gag” statute has been successfully challenged.

Chief U.S. District Judge B. Lynn Winmillexcoriated the law. “The effect of the statute will be to suppress speech by undercover investigators and whistleblowers concerning topics of great public importance: the safety of the public food supply, the safety of agricultural workers, the treatment and health of farm animals, and the impact of business activities…

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Jesus Is Not A Justification For Living Non-Vegan

The Legacy Of Pythagoras

Disclaimer: My only goal with this list is to produce as comprehensive a resource for Vegan information as possible. I am 100% Abolitionist Vegan and 100% against exploitation of nonhuman or human animals, any type of violence against human or nonhuman persons or property, welfare regulation, any form of speciesism, ethnic bigotry, genderism, ableism, heterosexism, etc., any of the large governmental or non-governmental nonhuman animal organizations, “happy meat,” vegetarianism, veg*nism, Meat-Free Mondays, or other forms of reductionism and anything else that makes it seem like any form of violence or exploitation of animals is ok. If any of those positions are endorsed on any site in this list, or any language is used to imply that, it’s not that I included that link because I agree, but simply because I don’t control every bit of information on all of these sites.

I’ve posted religious arguments for Veganism before, the…

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FBI alert: Middle-Eastern males intimidate family members of U.S. military personnel at their homes

Consortium of Defense Analysts

On July 2, 2015, U.S. Department of Justice’s Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Denver Divison, issued an “activity alert” on “Middle-Eastern Males Approaching Family Members of US Military Personnel at their Homes In Colorado and Wyoming, as of June 2015.”

The source is “An officer of another law enforcement agency.”

FBI alert

The FBI alert in PDF format is online here. Denise Simon of wrote about and posted the link to the alert.

Below is the alert in its entirety:

(U//FOUO) In May 2015, the wife of a US military member was approached in front of her home by two Middle-Eastern males. The men stated that she was the wife of a US interrogator. When she denied their claims, the men laughed. The two men left the area in a dark-colored, four-door sedan with two other Middle-Eastern males in the vehicle. The woman had observed the vehicle in the neighborhood…

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Wolf Is My Soul

From intheshadowofthewolf on August 2, 2015

Please send off these tweets for Denali National Park Wolves at your leisure until just before 3:00 p.m. EDT, August 5th:

1. Please join tweetstorm for Denali National Park #Wolves August 5, 3:00 EDT #StandForWolves #SaveDenaliWolves


2. #SaveWolves #StandForWolves Be a voice for Alaska’s #Wolves #SaveDenaliWolves. Please join tweetstorm! Details here:


3. Alaska’s #Wolves face catastrophe, Denali Wolves population plummeted to 48! #SaveDenaliWolves TWEETSTORM:


4. #Alaska #Wolves #SaveDenaliWolves #SaveWolves Be a voice for imperiled park wolves. Tweetstorm:


5. Demand #Alaska reinstate emergency protections for Denali National Park #Wolves #SaveDenaliWolves Tweetstorm:


6. Denali National Park #Wolves should be protected from hunting/trapping Help make this happen: #SaveDenaliWolves


7. #StandForWolves The time to #SaveDenaliWolves is now! Join our tweetstorm August 5, 3:00 EDT Be a voice for #wolves


8. #Wolves #SaveDenaliWolves #StandForWolves Save #ArchipelagoWolves Please tweet for…

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Sometimes simple is better