Serbia: Appeal To Help Many Dogs At The Vets For Sterilisations.

If you want to give a donation….
1euro equals $1.10 in US Dollors
70euro equals $77.30 in US Dollars
110euro equals $121.51 in US Dollars
40 euro equals $44.18 in US Dollars

Serbian Animals Voice (SAV)

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We entered the new month having a debt from June.

At the vet we have new dogs who will be neutered as soon as possible.

Their lives were in danger because of their agressiveness. Bony, abandon Breton, is at the vet, in therapy, and she needs to recover and get stronger before she gets neutered. Besides, at the house we are taking care of six puppies found in garbage container,  theu have been fed by hand… These days it’s time for their first vaccine. Street dogs and food for them we can’t even count anymore… We are dealing with it in different ways, getting in debt, borrowing…

Please help us with paying for at least two emergency sterilizations and six vaccines for puppies. This totals at around 110 euros. Two sterilizations are about 70 euros, and 6 vaccines are about 40. Because of out…

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Veterinarian Locked Himself In Hot Car On Purpose To Show How Hot It Really Gets

New Study: Vegan Diet Protects Against Memory Loss –

Life or Lunch?

ThinkstockPhotos-465332061-copyEver have trouble remembering where you left your keys? Not sure what you ate for breakfast yesterday? A vegan diet might be the answer to your woes!

A new study out of the Rush University Medical Center indicates that eating more green vegetables like spinach, kale, and broccoli can boost your memory and even keep brain diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s at bay.

Researchers followed the diets of 950 inpiduals over the course of five years and were stunned to notice an extraordinary pattern: participants that consumed the most green vegetables were able to retain significantly more of their cognitive ability than other participants. In fact, those who ate the most veggies showed the cognitive ability of someone 11 years younger than those who ate none!

But a plant-based diet doesn’t just improve your memory; it also dramatically lowers your risk of heart disease, can reverse diabetes, and…

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July 2015 ~ Tony the Truck Stop Tiger turns 15 <3

My wish for Tony ….
he gets to celebrate his 16th birthday at a sanctuary

Great Cats of the "World"

Via – FREEDOM~For Tony the Tiger

~Until Your last Breath~
We will not stop trying Beautiful Majestic Boy
Happy 15th Birthday xox

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Feel Good Sunday: How a father, son and horse tackled autism

Straight from the Horse's Heart

By Katie Hankinson as published on/in the Post Independent

“It felt like the gates of heaven opening up to us, honestly,”

Rupert Isaacson, front, explains the Horse Boy method during a demonstration at the Carbondale rodeo grounds as helpers Zoe Hanlon and Mel Wiley watch. Rupert Isaacson, front, explains the Horse Boy method during a demonstration at the Carbondale rodeo grounds as helpers Zoe Hanlon and Mel Wiley watch.

When Rupert Isaacson’s son, Rowan, was diagnosed with autism in 2004 at the age of 4, he and his now-ex-wife, Kristin, were convinced by doctors their son would lack skills in school and society, including a relationship with them as parents.

Eleven years later, Rowan is able to read, write and do basic algebra. He is interested in opening a zoo for “endangerous” (his word) animals — endangered and dangerous. Most important of all, though, he is able to maintain friendships with people of all ages, especially his parents, despite what Rupert’s family was told that day in 2004. The source of this miraculous change?…

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