FBI Agents Telling Friends & Family to ‘Avoid July 4 Celebrations’

Dozens of gulls found dead on road in Kuna, Idaho

PETA Joins Forces With HUNTERS!


"I know you're healthy, and want to live, but I'm unhealthy and of unsound mind and want you to die, so , let's just call it a 'loving death', so that the idiots who support me will think this is somehow 'good' for you, though I'd never want someone to do to ME, what I'm gonna do to you." “I know you’re healthy, and want to live, but I’m unhealthy and of unsound mind and want you to die, so , let’s just call it a ‘loving death’, so that the idiots who support me will think this is somehow ‘good’ for you, though I’d never want someone to do to ME, what I’m gonna do to you.”


The PETA scum, who have long *claimed* to be against hunting, has once again proven themselves to be a bunch of hypocritical, animal killing ba$tards. They have sided WITH hunters AGAINST animals!

We shouldnt be surprised though…during the “Horse slaughter” debate, PETA sided WITH the meat industry, IN FAVOR of the Horse slaughter!

If PETA asks you for a donation, just say “NEIGH”.

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Japan Intends to Blatantly Violate International Law and Kill Whales in the Name of ‘Science’ | One Green Planet

Life or Lunch?

whaling-1200x772The Scientific Committee of the International Whaling Commission (IWC) reports that the Japanese NEWREP-A proposal, which would kill 3,996 minke whales over the next 12 years for “lethal research,” has failed to demonstrate any need to hunt whales for scientific research.

Japan has declared its intent to continue hunting whales in the Southern Ocean regardless. At a press conference in Tokyo on June 19 following the release of the IWC report, Japan’s IWC Commissioner, Joji Morishita, said that Japan’s plans remain unchanged.

“We of course intend to resume whaling again this year,” Morishita told a news conference.

Despite its determination that Japan had failed to demonstrate the need for lethal research, the Scientific Committee noted they could not make definitive findings on NEWREP-A, because the plan contained “insufficient information.” The IWC had been expected to decide whether NEWREP-A addressed the issues that led to Japanese whaling being ruled illegal by…

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PETA Slams CBS For Using Live Animals in New Show | Ecorazzi

Life or Lunch?

africa-lions-592x380PETA has released a statement reprimanding CBS for the use of live wild animals in the production of its new summer show ‘Zoo.’

“By producing a show that exploits wild animals, including lions, CBS has proved that it’s out of sync with public opinion at a time when people are shunning Sea World’s captive orca sideshows, states and counties are passing laws banning wild animal acts and private ownership, and Ringling Bros. is taking elephants off the road,” said PETA Foundation Deputy Director of Captive Animal Law Enforcement Brittany Peet.

According to The Los Angeles Times, PETA was present during pre-production meetings with CBS when the show was first green-lighted for the summer line up. As a result, the show producers agreed to not use chimpanzees or elephants but the organization’s plea was ignored when it came to lions.

“Lions belong in the wild, not confined to tiny…

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