Green Energy ‘steals’ from the Biosphere

Watts Up With That?

An Opinion Piece by
Viv Forbes, BScAppGeol, FAusIMM
Scientist, mineral economist and grass farmer.

Earth has only three significant sources of energy.

First is geothermal energy from Earth’s molten core and decaying radioactive minerals in Earth’s crust. This energy moves continents, powers volcanoes and its heat migrates towards the crust, warming the lithosphere and the deep oceans. It can be harvested successfully in favourable locations, and radioactive minerals can be extracted to provide large amounts of reliable heat for power generation.

Second is energy stored in combustible hydrocarbon minerals such as coal, oil, gas, tar sands and oil shale. These all store solar and geothermal energy collected eons ago and they are the primary energy sources supporting modern industrial societies and the vast populations dependent on them.

Third are radiation and gravitational energies from the Sun and Moon which are captured by the biosphere as heat, winds, tides, rain, rivers…

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One comment on “Green Energy ‘steals’ from the Biosphere

  1. Shame on Viv Forbes for trying to mislead and confuse people. He has worked over 40 years for the coal industry, according to Bloomberg and sits on the board of Stanmore Coal with Andrew Martin of Renaissance Uranium. Most people don’t know how devastating mining, especially modern mining, is to agriculture/ the environment. He does. Acid mine drainage limits what can be grown after mining occurs. But, uranium mining is the worst of all. Using new crops for biofuel is very 1970s but even so does not damage agricultural land. Biofuel can, and does, come from kitchen waste, yard waste, forestry and ag waste. Solar panels should be on each house and not in vast arrays. Uranium mining poisons the land and water forever. The US NRC allows spraying of deadly radium wastes from the In Situ Recovery (Leach) mining on the land. Uranium mining is devastating the bread basket of America. Chernobyl nuclear accident devastated the bread basket of Europe. Reindeer and sheep remain contaminated in Norway and the UK. Fukushima also destroyed an important agricultural area. In the case of Chernobyl and Fukushima they export contaminated food. Poor Haitians don’t want radioactive Fukushima rice. Why should anyone? One has only to look at the map of Australia to see how mining companies have laid waste to the continent in a very short time. I’ll leave it at that since my last longwinded comment either went to spam or was too long to post.


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