No Dose of Radiation is Safe for the Eyes: Any Dose Can Cause Cataracts, USNRC Comment Deadline Today 11.59 pm NY-DC (ET) One Minute to Midnight

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ionizing radiation spectrum

Recent studies have suggested a “no-threshold” dose for cataracts from radiation exposure to the lens of the eyes among radiology and nuclear workers. Is this a surprise? It involves more dangerous ionizing radiation than UV rays, as can be seen on the diagram above. And, when was the last time you heard a medical or governmental recommendation to wear your UV protective sunglasses for only part of the time that you are in the sun? UV protection sunglasses have been recommended for several decades. And, initially they weren’t cheap. But, everyone was told to buy them and use them. No one said that you can expose your eyes for a few hours or years, and then put on the glasses (or hat. [1]) But, this is the same sort of “reasoning” used by the nuclear industry and the so-called protection agencies-organizations, when they pretend that there is a safe dose…

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