Are you causing your DOG to suffer psychological burnout? Vets say more pets are suffering ‘chronic fatigue’ and living on anti-depressants because of owners’ busy lifestyles - by F. Kaskais

A new report has revealed that dogs are suffering from psychological burnout because they are unable to keep up with owners' busy lifestyles (file picture) 

  • A new report says dogs are becoming increasingly depressed and anxious
  • Vets say owners’ busy lifestyles make pets suffer ‘psychological burnout’
  • Some dogs are now having to undergo therapy and take anti-depressants  

Dogs are suffering from psychological burnout with some need anti-depressants because they cannot keep up with their owners’ busy lifestyles, a new report has revealed.

Vets in Switzerland say that pets are under increasing amounts of emotional pressure which has led to them suffering from anxiety attacks and depression.

The study also says that some dogs are also suffering from chronic fatigue due to the 24/7 lifestyles of their owners.

Behavioural psychologist and vet Linda Hornisberger says that cases of depressed dogs are on the rise.

She said: ‘Today, dogs are increasingly living with chronic fatigue.

‘They are completely overwhelemed and need to take anti-depressants.’

The report also cited the example of…

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