Pity the Pilot Whale

Christopher J. Gervais


Once again,  the horror show of evil that the Faroese call the grindadráp, which translated means “the murder of whales.” has started.

This year the Faroese not only have the Faroese Coast Guard and the Danish Navy to defend these brutal and pitiless killers, but the whalers also have the services of the Faroese Coast Guard to find the pods of whales so they can be slain.

There can be no justification for the use of military assets to help kill whales in order to secure whale meat that is inedible because of the toxic levels of mercury in the bodies of the whales.

It is tragic that in the year 2015, with the diminishment of biodiversity and with hundreds of species going extinct, that there are still people so alienated from reality that they continue to engage in contributing to the death of the ocean.  Many Faroese citizens overfish…

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TPA is back (buried inside “TAA”). Today! Call your congressman NOW.

Meet Matilda, the cat with ‘alien eyes’

Funeral Homes Increasingly Using Dogs to Comfort Mourners

Organic industry in shock as Whole Foods pushes new rating system that promotes chemical agriculture as better than organic

The Citizen Media

(NaturalNews) For some time, food chain Whole Foods Market and organic farmers have had a cooperative, mutual relationship. The retail grocer has enabled organic farmers to gain a sizable foothold in the food market at a time when Americans’ passion for healthier alternatives to the GMO-laden, processed foods market is rising.

As The New York Times reported, Whole Foods’ stores were more like “showcases” for organic products – fruits, vegetables and flowers that are labeled with the names of the farmers who grow them.

However, this mutually beneficial relationship is beginning to fade, thanks in large part to changes by Whole Foods as it faces new competition from other mainstream grocer chains and organic farmers are able to find additional markets for their produce.

Increasingly, organic farmers are alleging that the Whole Foods brand is using its rather formidable marketing skills behind the scenes, along with its credibility among many…

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Are you causing your DOG to suffer psychological burnout? Vets say more pets are suffering ‘chronic fatigue’ and living on anti-depressants because of owners’ busy lifestyles

WebInvestigator.KK.org - by F. Kaskais

A new report has revealed that dogs are suffering from psychological burnout because they are unable to keep up with owners' busy lifestyles (file picture) 

  • A new report says dogs are becoming increasingly depressed and anxious
  • Vets say owners’ busy lifestyles make pets suffer ‘psychological burnout’
  • Some dogs are now having to undergo therapy and take anti-depressants  

Dogs are suffering from psychological burnout with some need anti-depressants because they cannot keep up with their owners’ busy lifestyles, a new report has revealed.

Vets in Switzerland say that pets are under increasing amounts of emotional pressure which has led to them suffering from anxiety attacks and depression.

The study also says that some dogs are also suffering from chronic fatigue due to the 24/7 lifestyles of their owners.

Behavioural psychologist and vet Linda Hornisberger says that cases of depressed dogs are on the rise.

She said: ‘Today, dogs are increasingly living with chronic fatigue.

‘They are completely overwhelemed and need to take anti-depressants.’

The report also cited the example of…

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When Trolls Wear Princess Dresses

Jo Robinson

We’re all allowed to be as mean as we want to trolls when they rear their ugly heads. It’s probably not a good idea though, and reporting and blocking the swine can be just as satisfying as having a nice little square of bubble-wrap to play with, if ignoring them is too much to ask. This is all very well, and nicely cut and dried. There is another breed around the internet too though, who somehow manage to be trolls “under the radar”. They like to show people up in “nice” ways, while at the same time appearing to be nice themselves – if you get my drift. I don’t buy this crap though. Unless someone openly attacks you or yours first, why would you be mean simply because you disagree with them? I’m not talking about the hilariously offensively filthy lurkers in the comments sections of some newsletters around…

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