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Life or Lunch?

He may have been a villain onscreen, but film legend Christopher Lee was a hero to animals in real life. Starring in more than 270 movies throughout his six-decade career, including the Lord of the Rings and Star Wars movies, he lent his distinctive voice to a PETA radio ad blasting heart experiments on animals. “When you donate money to the American Heart Association, you help fund cruel, pointless experiments on animals,” he told listeners. “Please don’t support any charity that kills.”

Christopher Lee


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What did the American Heart Association (AHA) do to rile up the Prince of Darkness? Despite the fact that major advances in studying heart disease have come from human data, the AHA has done the following:

  • injected particles of glass into dogs’ hearts to induce heart failure
  • given dogs a mini heart attack every two minutes for eight hours a day…

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