10 Shocking Facts About the Lives of Dogs Used In the Testing Industry | One Green Planet

Life or Lunch?

beag-1200x741We all love our dogs, there is no contesting that point. Our dogs are not only our trusted companions, they’re members of our families who we care deeply about, however, many people don’t realize that the products they buy every day fuel the abuse of dogs across the U.S. We commonly think of rabbits and mice when it comes to animals used in laboratories for experimentation and research, but – to the surprise of many – our beloved dogs also fall into this category.

Dogs are especially popular for use in toxicology tests, which determine safe levels of an unknown substance for humans. They are also popular for cancer studies because dogs and humans have similar immune systems, making dogs a good model for cancer immunotherapies, in the eyes of the National Cancer Institute. The dogs used in these and other experiments are routinely euthanized at the end…

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