We Can Save the Oceans and Feed the World

Emilio Cogliani

World Oceans Day can provide a moment to pause and reflect on the beauty of the oceans or the wonder of the wild creatures that inhabit it. But as we reminisce about moments we’ve spent by the sea, we should also stop to think about the millions of hungry people that depend on our oceans as a primary source of food. A recent study showed that ocean philanthropists are spending nearly six times more to protect biodiverse places rather than productive ones, and poor management practices are putting the essential food resource of wild seafood in jeopardy. With a fishing industry supported by $16 billion a year in government subsidies, it’s no wonder our oceans are subject to overfishing: scientists report that the amount of fish caught began declining for the first time in recorded history just a few decades ago. That’s bad news, but it is recent news…

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