Three Dogs Saved – But Does the Pope Care?


Thanks to the power of social media, our previous blog “Pope’s Visit to Sarajevo Means Death for Dogs” has been viewed over 2000 times. Thanks also to the power of social media, the fundraiser posted on that blog for “Caki” Bravo has nearly reached its goal. Caki is one of the rescuers involved in desperately trying to save dogs from the dog catchers who were removing dogs in preparation for the Pope’s visit yesterday.

Caki was out on the streets yesterday, along with Edina Pasic of Andjeo Sarajevo and others, trying to save dogs who they have fed for years.

Three dogs that we know of were saved…
11303720_10203933221431649_1483654689_nThis elderly female dog above was always with a friendly male dog in the area. Sadly people saw dog catchers taking him and so she was the only one in the area that was left. She was rescued and taken to safety.

This is survivor number two .. a…

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