Ten Ways to Really Enjoy Tofu

Blame It on Love

First to get the negative out of the way:

There’s a real reason the meat/egg/dairy industries have Woman-eating-tofu-007pretty thoroughly turned soy into a scary forbidden food in the minds of the uninformed, uninterested or gullible. It’s because tofu and other soy foods are simply awesome, and can be used to replace all three animal food groups…meat, dairy and eggs. So tofu is seen as a significant threat to some moneyed interests, and they’ve used their wealth effectively to demonize soy foods. Without being prepared and knowledgable of their agenda, it’s easy to look up soy info online and be directed to sites that warn us of all sorts of terrible dangers from consuming soy. But those sites are usually front groups for animal agriculture interests. So please don’t be taken in by them.

And no, I have no interests in selling any soy foods or any foods for that matter…I “sell” nothing except…

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